Acting Classes

                Mr . Amar Betaab is brilliant director & creative person experienced last 20 year . He provide actor prepare service since 3 year in the brand name “Amar Betaab Acting Classes .” Amar Betaab Acting classes in the best way for actor to entertainment world. This is one of the customized module classes offered institution. He prepare actors with solid vision with strong phenomenon that students never turn back form this competitive era.

We provides an extensive selection of Commercial acting workshop for motion picture Industry.We priority focus on the individual; preparing each to perform at their peak, with confidence. We show you how, and where, to find professional work, and how to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes along the way… Providing a well-trained, professionally oriented talent pool to casting professionals, producers, and studios. The Institute provides Actors and technicians with the best possible skills, and information; and productions with reliable, well trained, well informed talent.

  • Acting theory
  • Diction
  • MIME
  • Imagination
  • Action Problem
  • Speech
  • Solo Scene
  • Mono Log
  • Improvisation
  • Guided Improvisation
  • Group Improvisation
  • Scene improvisation
  • Given situation
  • Movement
  • Yoga
  • GAIT
  • Play back
  • Text sub text
  • Scene since memory
  • Acting analysis
  • Scene
  • Voice
  • Audition knowledge
  • Dialogue delivery
  • Camera Knowledge
  • Lighting sense
  • Editing sense
  • Script sense
  • Dubbing practice
  • Film orientation

Course Duration: 90 days

Time : Full Time & Part Time

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We provide Film making Course for handling any Film Projects. In this we provide all skills related to pre-production to Up to Final project as well as Marketing. 

Course Duration : 45 day 

Timing : Full & part Time available 

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